Best Oasis Consulting services

At Best Oasis we consult in the following areas, management consulting, financial accounting and reporting, tax management, internal control design, implementation and review, due diligence and corporate governance training.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

We report to the management and owners of the business on the financial performance and position of the business.

1. Management Accounting

2. Year end financial statements

3. Setting up accounting systems.

4. Payroll Administration

Internal Control Design, Implementation & Review

We implement processes and procedures to safeguard the assets of the business.

Tax Management

1. Tax management

2. Tax compliance and tax accounting

3. Income and tax planning

4. Tax Returns

VAT and PAYE consulting

Training for Non Finance Directors and Managers

a) Financial Management

(i) Financial Planning for achievement of monetary goals and objectives
(ii) Financial Control
(iii) Investments (Buying, Holding and selling assets)
(iv) Financing decisions

b) Understanding Financial Statements

c) Budgeting and Forecasting

d) Internal control and risk management

e) Strategic Management

f) Tax management (VAT, PAYE, Income tax)

g) Effective Performance Management

Management Consulting & Business Advisory

We enjoy the momentum and excitement we create in the organisations we work with.

We ensure our clients have the right skills, right systems and right processes.

We help our clients improve their performance through analysing, developing and actioning plans for improvement

Human Resources Management

We offer the following services under our Human Resources Management :

1. Setting up a Human  Resources function

2. Job Evaluation

3. Job Analysis

4. Human Resources Policy Formulation

5. Management Development

6. Human Resources Planning

7. Formulation of Job descriptions and Job Specifications

8. Salary and Benefit Survey

9. Recruitment Selection

10. Creation of Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process

Human Resources Training Services Available

1. Training needs analysis

2. Effective Supervisory Management

3. Goal setting and performance management

4. Health, Safety and Wellness training

5. Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary Process

Due Diligence